Brand as belonging

At the beginning of its history every brand that appeared on the products did not have the importance that took today. It was simply the certification that a certain company had produced that particular item. Branded products wore their brand not as a badge of pride but simply as a matter of fact.


The brand attachment (consumer's affection for a particular brand) is the result of an interesting interaction between the construction of the corporate identity and the construction of the group identity of the consumers themselves. If the company has a strong identity, it will become a leader for its fans. Buying the branded products of that specific company becomes the ticket to the tribe of the lucky ones.

Human need of belonging

Belonging to a group, be it a family, work colleagues, gym friends, volunteers, a charitable or other organization, is a primary human need. Each membership guarantees protection and benefits; it gives us something that the rest of the world does not have, something whose importance we can only understand ourselves, we who own one of those branded products.

Winning moves

There are brands (the so-called challenger brands) that conquer their market through a challenge. They are companies that with their branded products do not play on the safe side, but they dare and sometimes win. One of the reasons they can win is because they have been able to create or identify a group of consumers to give them a sense of belonging. Other companies that dare less equally know how to build a sense of community around their products. I am reminded of those that organize sponsored events, others that sponsor particular initiatives and similar things.

It does not matter that a company belongs to the first or second group, it will always be a winner if it manages to stimulate the sense of belonging of its already acquired or potential customers.